The Grand Chinese New Year Concert is one of the most successful unconventional concert formats worldwide. Since its debut in the Vienna Musikverein in 1988, it has been conducted for 21 years.

Each year, the most outstanding Chinese national orchestras during Spring Festival will tour out of China to showcase the highlights of local traditional music works to the audience around the globe, offering the ethnical music styles of China. Over the last 21 years, the Grand Chinese New Year Concert has been held in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and USA. Nearly 2000 musicians from 13 different Chinese orchestras played the melodic eastern music for about 300 thousand audiences in different countries. 

Within the past 21 years, The Grand Chinese New Year Concert has built a wide and lasting influence in all sectors of community including the media home and abroad. It has been covered by more than 200 journalists from nearly 60 press agencies such as CCTV and People's Daily, with thousands of related articles and news published. It has been broadcasted by ORF, 3-Sat, Arte, Sender Freies Berlin, Mariinsky Theatre, Medici TV, SFSchweizer Fernsehen and Czech National Television among others. Up to now, millions of audiences home and abroad have enjoyed the broadcasting.

For many overseas audiences, especially in Europe, attending to the Chinese New Year Concert during the period of lunar New Year, has given them the possibility of experiencing the unique charm of eastern culture and warmth and joy of traditional Chinese New Year.

Intercultural communication has always been the direction we commit ourselves to and persist in. On the one hand, we introduce the excellent foreign cultures and arts into China; on the other hand, we take splendid Chinese culture to the world stages, telling unique Chinese stories. The Grand Chinese New Year Concert produced huge artistic brand value and cultural impact around the globe. Although we are a privately-run and government-supporting company, we have been able to establish and promote this traditional Chinese brand without a great investment. It has become a great example of Chinese culture “exportation” for 21 consecutive years.

This upcoming 22nd tour of Grand Chinese New Year in 2019 is about to stage on world renowned concert halls like Luzern KKL, Warsaw Philharmonic, and Mariinsky Theatre, which means Chinese national music is more widely recognized and expected by the world music industry. And it is also an important Chinese cultural transmission at the moment when the economic strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative is pioneering throughout the world.