11 years in Luzern

11 years in Luzern

The third station on tour was Luzern. It was already the 11th times that Wu Promotion arranged a Grand Chinese New Year Concert here. From 2006 to 2016, every year during the Chinese New Year period, many Chinese traditional orchestras have presented their musical and cultural heritage to the audience in Luzern. The Grand Chinese New Year Concert in Luzern already became a tradition in the annual concert calendar.

There were no doubts that the concert on January 29th in Luzern will be extremely successful! 1400 spectators came to our concert. The best seats were available for 138 CHF; whereas the cheapest was around 50 CHF… All musicians were moved by the audiences. Our conductor Mrs. Hong Xia said “I am feeling very proud of my country and our traditional Chinese music, because of the Swiss lovely audiences!” After the official program, the orchestra played two encores, and even after the whole orchestra got off the stage, the audience did not want to go home and they kept applauding till the light turned on.

The concert was super successful and the audience came to our merchandising stand to buy not only our program brochures, but also CDs, silk scarves and also our stuffed monkey mascot. At the end not only the concert tickets were sold out, but also all our monkes!

See you next year at KKL Luzern.

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