2002 – II – China Red Star Traditional Orchestra

2002 – II – China Red Star Traditional Orchestra

2002, Year Of The Horse

China Red Star Traditional Orchestra

Guest Conductor: Oberst Rudolf Schrumpf

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Program II

1. Spring Festival Overture, Orchestra, Composed by: Li Huanzhi, Arranged by: Lin Weihua

2. The Deep Love to My HomelandComposed by: Wu Yongping, Arranged by: Zhang Shiye

3. The Great Wall FantasyComposed by: Liu Wenjing

4. Marche MilitaireComposed by: F. P. Schubert, Arranged by: Zeng Duke

5. The Drunk Old Man Teasing the BirdsXun Solo, Composed by: Liu Xigang, Liu Fengshan, xun: Liu Fengshan

6. The Galloping StallionsErhu Solo, Composed by: Chen Yaaoxing, Soloists: Wang Zhihui & others

7. The Joyful Song of AxiSheng Solo, Composer: Lin Weihua, Hu Tianquan, sheng: Hu Tianqun

8. Welcome SpringSeptet with 26 instruments, Composed by: Jing Jianshu, Soloists: Sun peng, Zhou Jing, Liu Fengshan, Wang Zhihui, Guo Honglian, Zhang Qi, Xu Hui

9. Cradle SongComposed by: Yang Yidan, Soloist: Lei Ying

10. While Playing My Lovely InstrumentArranged by: Wang Huiran

11. Pizzicato – Polka FAST, Composed by: Johann & Josef Strauss, Arranged by: Liu Xigang, Soloist: Liu Yi, Zhang Qi, Guo Honglian, Xu Xiaoyan & others

12. A Major VictoryWind and Percussion Ensemble, Arranged by: Liu Hanlin, He Huajun, Hu Tianquan, Performers: Duan Xueli, Zhang Dahua, Shang Qingxiu & others

13. Da Gong MenSuona Solo, Arranged by: Hu Tianquan, suona: Duan Xueli & others

14. Let’s Speak Intimate Words from Henan Opera “The Chaoyang Valley”, Performers: Duan Xueli, Shang Qingxiu & others

15. Auf Flugeln des Gesanges, Composed by: Felix Mendelssohn

16. The Qingzang PlateauComposed by: Zhang Qianyi, Arranged by: Jing Jianshu, Voice: Zong Xiaolin

17. SerenadeComposed by: Franz Schubert, Arranged by: Jing Jianshu

18. The Yellow RiverComposed by: Ren Weixin, Yao Ming, Arranged by: Liu Xigang, Soloist: Liu Yang

19. Watch the Yang GeOrchestra, Composed by: Bao Yuankai, Arranged by: Jing Jianshu

20. The Golden BeachPercussion Ensemble & Orchestra, Composed by: Jing Jianshu, Soloist: Zhang Dahua

21. Flower Red and Moon RoundOrchestra, Composer: Huang Yijun, Arranged by: Peng Xiuwen

22. Beijing HappinessComposed by: Zheng Lu, Ma Hongye, Arranged by: Liu Rong, Conductor: Oberst Rudolf Schrumpf, Performed by China Red Star Traditional Orchestra and Austrian Military Orchestra

23. Radetzky-MarchComposed by: J. Strauss Father, Arranged by: Liu Rong, Conductor: Oberst Rudolf Schrumpf, Performed by China Red Star Traditional Orchestra and Austrian Military Orchestra