2013 – Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

2013 – Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

2013, Year Of The Snake

Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra/Zhang Lie

Dizi: Zhang Yanwu – Singer (F): Li Ya – Singer (M): Du Pengpeng – guzheng: Zhang Jie – suona: Yang Xiaoxian

Lucerne (KKL Luzern) – Bremen/Stuhr (Gut Varrel) – Ostrava (City House of Culture) – Prague (Smetana Hall) – Berlin (Komische Oper)

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1. Chang’an Fire, Chinese Traditional, Composed by: Zhao Jiping, Lu Rirong

2. The Beautiful Landscape of Jiaocheng, Dizi and Orchestra, Composed by: Zhang Yanwu, Dizi: Zhang Yanwu

3. My Brother, the Shepherd / A Glass of Fine Wine, Voice Solo, Soloist: Li Ya

4. Song of a Coachman / In a Far Distant Place / Taking off the Veil / Dance of the Youth, Traditional Folk Songs of Western China, Composed by: Gu Guanren

5. A Hundred Birds Paying Respect to the Phoenix, Suona and Orchestra, Arranged by: Ren Tongxiang, Suona: Yang Xiaoxian

6. The General’s Triumph, Orchestra, Chinese Traditional, Composed by: Gu Guanren

7. Old Locust Trees Seek for Their Roots, Chinese Traditional, Composed by: Zhao Jiping

8. Clouds over the Rainbow, Guzheng and Orchestra, Composed by: Zhou Yuguo, Guzheng: Zhang Jie

9. Jasmine Flower, Orchestra, Chinese Traditional, Composed by: Liu Wenjin

10. A Couple of Mandarin Ducks / The Great Yellow River, Voice Solo, Soloist: Du Pengpeng

11. The Silk Road, Orchestra, Chinese Traditional, Composed by: Jiang Ying