CNYC visits its dearest friends in Gut Varrel

CNYC visits its dearest friends in Gut Varrel

Yesterday February 5, 2015 SCHO woke up in Groningen, The Netherlands. After breakfast, the group left this lovely city and headed to Bremen, Germany.

The members of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra couldn’t help but taking a couple of hours time to visit the old town and take pictures next to the bronze statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen, inspired by the folktale by the Grimm Brothers.

Around 4:30pm, the Orchestra arrived at the concert venue, a very special place called Gut Varrel (town Stuhr), where the Grand Chinese New Year Concert was held yesterday for the eleventh time.A culture center in the countryside, Gut Varrel every year welcomes hundreds of spectators for the Chinese New Year Concert. It is a place where the Orchestra could feel a very warm  atmosphere… everybody in the village was waiting for their arrival! As usual, the venue was full and the audience was in seventh heaven.

Thanks, Gut Varrel, for having opened your door to the art and the culture of China!

See you tonight in Essen!