More than 1.000 guest at Laeiszhalle Hamburg!

More than 1.000 guest at Laeiszhalle Hamburg!

The Grand Chinese New Year Concert at Laeiszhalle in Hamburg was a huge success. More than 1.000 guest came to the hall that evening to listen to the traditional Chinese instruments of the Chinese Traditional Orchestra. We did not even dream about such a big audience – as this was the first time in 10 years that we presented the concert in Hamburg!

Today was a rainy and cold day. At around 18:30 the Laeiszhalle Hamburg opened its doors and was beginning to get a little warmer, as more and more people came into the hall.

During the intermission, a lady came to our merchandising table and told us that she has visited the CNYC in Hamburg before – it was 10 years ago. In 2005 we have been organizing a concert in Hamburg already and the lady said to us “Please come to Hamburg every year, to bring some Chinese taste to us, they are beautiful.”

With lots of positive feedback we finished the 9th concert of this tour in Hamburg. Thank you to all people in Hamburg for the great support. We will not wait another 10 years but will come back every year now!

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