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Video-Grand Chinese New Year Concert 2007 :

The Dream of Love

"The Peony Pavilion" is one of the most loved Kun Opera plays. During the 10th edition of The Grand Chinese New Year Concert, the China Traditional Orchestra of Zhejiang, under the baton of Maestro Zhang Guoyong, presented the orchestral version of the theme "The Dream of Love". Watch here the video of their beautiful performance!

 Title:  The Dream of Love 春闺梦

Composed by: Wang Tianming 王天明 

Orchestra: China Traditional Orchestra of Zhejiang

Soloist: Xu Lingzi 许菱子

Venue: Moscow International House of Music

Ed.: SINGO 声谷音乐

Recorded by Russian Television

The orchestral composition "The Dream of Love" is an arrangement by Wang Tianming based on the Kun Opera play The Peony Pavilion from Southern China. It is the story of a noble young lady whose love for a man she saw once in her dreams pines her to death.

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