The Grand Chinese New Year Concert returns to Nürtingen

The Grand Chinese New Year Concert returns to Nürtingen

The second day of the tour started a little hectic. In the morning the whole orchestra transferred from Wiesbaden to Stuttgart with our two tour busses and only at around 16:00 we arrived in our hotel. The musicians wanted to have some rest but directly after check in we had to drive to the Town Hall in Nürtingen. We were all a little nervous and worried that we don’t have enough time for the set up and sound-check. But we hurried and at 19:00 sharp the concert started with Gerhard’s wonderful moderation. Everything was on schedule!

That was the second time we presented the Grand Chinese New Year Concert in Nürtingen, a small town with about 40.000 residents 20 km away from Stuttgart. Even though the Town Hall was not completely filled, the audience enjoyed the concert very much and applauded as loud as a sold out hall.

The highlight was the encore piece “Berliner Luft” (“Berlin Air”), by Paul Lincke. Our conductor Mrs. Hong Xia animated the audience to cheer and clap together with the orchestra!

In many concert halls around Europe we have built up a tradition and some have invited the Grand Chinese New Year Concert already for more than 10 years. With our experience of over 19 years and with our passion to promote the Chinese culture in Europe, we support these new partnerships and built up the understanding of Chinese traditional music. Next year we are hoping for a sold out house in Nürtingen.

Together with our local partners we donated 1.000 Euro of the ticket income to support the refugees in Europe.

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