Tour 3

Two very traditional and beautiful Chinese orchestras from the North and South of China will be presented. They are the winners of China National Arts Foundation. Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (North of China) and Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra (South of China) are the best and the most representative Chinese traditional orchestras.

The title of the concert program is “Silk Road & Fuchun Mountain Capriccio”. This contains the typical characters of the two regions: The famous Silk Road started in Shaanxi province in the old time and Fuchun Mountain is very famous for its beautiful landscape which is located in Zhejiang province. Thus, this program will show the audience the flairs of the Southern and Northern China.


Orchestra-mini-IIShaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Founded in 1950, the Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (SBCO) is one of the oldest and the most professional Chinese traditional orchestras in Western China. For over 60 years, the orchestra has witnessed the growth of a great number of famous traditional Chinese artists. In recent years, the orchestra has enticed many young musicians graduated from the most distinguished conservatories in China to join the team and thereby cultivated a refreshing and vigorous image.

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Orchestra-mini-IIZhejiang Traditional Chinese Orchestra

Established in 1957, Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra has gained reputation home and abroad under the lead of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater for its distinctive music of Zhejiang area. In the past fifty years, a number of outstanding artists such as Dizi performer Zhao Songting, Xiao performer Song Jinglian, percussion performer Qian Xiaomao, Banhu performer Wang Huinan and composer Qian Zhaoxi, etc. Since 1980s, the orchestra has absorbed batches of excellent graduates from conservatories, making the group infinite vitality.

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ConductorhongxiaZHANG LIE 
Lie Zhang is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and the director of the China National Orchestra Society. He is also the Vice Secretary-General of the China Conductor Committee and a national level conductor.

Currently, Lie Zhang is the permanent conductor of the China Radio, Film and Symphony Orchestra as well as the Radio National Orchestra.



She is youth erhu musician from the Traditional Orchestra, Zhejiang Dance and Opera Theatre. She studied erhu with her father since she was 5 years old. 2007, she got to Shenyang Conservatory in Chinese traditional music as the top 1 student, and she were studying with Professor Ying Zaisheng. Then, she got to Shanghai conservatory as a graduate student, studying with Professor Wang Yongde.



Fuchun Mountain Caprice & Gateway to Silk Road Symphony
Full program length: 102’
First Part Length: 45’

Additionally, the concert will be a very special event for the family, given its creativity and educational factor. It will be a nice experience for the children with new sounds and new instruments. Also it might be a good Christmas gift.



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